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Download the latest edition of Bernie’s speeches in Parliament:

February to June 2020 edition
(1Mb 28pp PDF)

August to November 2019 edition
(1.5Mb 28pp PDF)

February to June 2019 edition
(1.5Mb 32pp PDF)

July to December 2018 edition
(1.5Mb 32pp PDF)

February to June 2018 edition
(1.7Mb 48pp PDF)

August to December 2017 edition
(1.8Mb 56pp PDF)

February to June 2017 edition
(1.6Mb 36pp PDF)

August to December 2016 edition
(2Mb 36pp PDF)

February to June 2016 edition
(2Mb 36pp PDF)

August to December 2015 edition
(2Mb 44pp PDF)

February to June 2015 edition
(2Mb 40pp PDF)

February to December 2014 edition
(2Mb 60pp PDF)

August to December 2013 edition
(2Mb 48pp PDF)

February to June 2013 edition
(0.9Mb 44pp PDF)

August to December 2012 edition
(1Mb 44pp PDF)

February to June 2012 edition
(1Mb 52pp PDF)

August to December 2011 edition
(1Mb 36pp PDF)

February to June 2011 edition
(1Mb 34pp corrected PDF)

July to December 2010 edition
(0.6Mb 20pp PDF)

February to June 2010 edition
(0.9Mb 48pp PDF)

July to December 2009 edition
(0.5Mb 24pp PDF)

Finn In The House readers, please note that the speeches here have been extracted from Hansard. Formatting here is slightly different however; for example, Constituency Questions in Hansard only have the electorate name for the speech heading, whereas here each contribution has a heading reflecting the topic of debate. Also at times, where multiple contributions are made (eg in the Committee Stage of a bill), they are aggregated under a single heading. Supplementary Questions are shown here directly after a Question Without Notice, as this book only contains Bernie’s contributions (whereas in the Parliament they are asked after the minister’s first answer). Refer to Hansard for the exact recording of the Parliamentary debates.