Speeches from Parliament

Hansard is the record of parliamentary debates and contains all of Bernie’s speeches made in the Legislative Council as the Member for Western Metropolitan Region.

The Advanced Search page contains all of the Parliamentary speeches from 12 March 1991 through to the latest sitting. You can make selections here to search for specific speeches or periods of time.

This saved search, for example, contains all of the mentions in Hansard for Bernie in the 58th Parliament (following the November 2014 state election):

Bernie Finn MP in the Legislative Council, 58th Parliament

And this saved search contains all of the Legislative Council mentions in Hansard for Bernie in the 59th Parliament (following the November 2018 state election):

Bernie Finn MP in the Legislative Council, 59th Parliament

You may also download Hansard in PDF format — for the period November 1999 onwards or 1856 to 1999.

As noted on the download page, the Daily Hansard for any sitting day can be downloaded approximately 4 hours after the house rises. The weekly revised Hansard is available approximately three working days after the completion of the corresponding sitting week. Note that the Daily Hansard is a draft proof only and is marked as such on each page. Daily Hansard must not be quoted in any way, as it is subject to alteration. Once the revised book becomes available, Daily Hansard ceases to exist.

Hansard also provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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